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Color Keeping Rectangle Cutter

Color Keeping Rectangle Cutter

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1 order for 1 label (1 color) 

At the check out, you can leave a note with your color recipe that want to be printed.  You can also send me an Email with you color recipe.  Please include name of the color and recipe.  The label is transparent with black letters, but you can request a white label if the color is too dark.  

For Example, 


Igloo: 3  Latte: 1 1/2  Cherry Pie: 1/8  

The label size is 30mm x 14mm and it's cute but small.  If your recipe includes more than 6 color mixing, it might be hard to see the letters.   



3d printed cutters for clay jewelry making

Cutter Size 

Width: 15.7mm (0.6 inch) 

Height: 47mm ( 1.85 inch)

Material: PLA (Polylactic acid - renewable/organic sources such as corn starch or sugar cane) 

Sharp 0.2mm cutter edge with 0.4mm steady wall 


How to use clay cutters 

- place your clay on smooth surface (tiles, ceramics, glass) 

- make sure the clay is stick to the surface 

- apply cornstarch or water if the clay sticks to the cutter 

- evenly press the cutter onto the clay and gently pull up 


Care Guide

- Hand wash with soap and water 

- Avoid direct sunlight and store them in cool, dry place 

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